Yiwu jewelry market



Yiwu market jewelry,Yiwu ornament market, Yiwu with name of world jewelry city, China ornament city, a lot of buyers and importers purchasing ornament here in the yiwu market, it is on the second floor of Yiwu market direct 1, Yiwu Futian market,which you could find it on Yiwu market guide or Yiwu market map on,  everyday a lot of buyers in the market ,  rings, necklace,bell, necklace,earring,hairpin,hairpiece,bracelet, bracelet,brooch, diamond stones,chain,  hair accessaries…almost all of jewlelries you could find here.  Other matching services including the bank, post office, industry and commerce, taxation, logical distribution, storage, web promotion,It has attracted numerous international and domestic famous brands to enter the market and is an internationally recognized small commodity distribution center.

   There is a new  East Market of District One was put into use on January 6th, 2016, and are equipped with over 2,500 booths in an area of 79,100 square meters with its floor area reaching 37,000 square meters, this plus previous market for ornaments, t hat is more than 5000booths which contributing more than 60% of jewlry sellings in all over the world.

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