Why need Yiwu Buying&Exporting Agent



WHY need Yiwu Agent

  1. First,   YIWU international wholesale markets  with this around 1 million booths,  most of them cann’t speak English,  or Spanish ,Arabic… 95% of them  just speak Chinese,  and they prefer to sell to Chinese trading company, expecially Yiwu local exporting company,  because they trust Chinese company expecially local companies…So you need an Yiwu agent as we are!
  2. When you go to market with your YIWU agent, you could get better lower prices,  because we are always buying from market for our different clients, and they cann’t cheat us or lie us with higher prices, this is Yiwu agent as we are!
  3. If you still not satisfy with prices on your items, Your YIWU AGENT could help you bargin with them, or source out a better one to meet with your target or request, it is Yiwu agent as we are!
  4. With Yiwu agent,  you cann’t get loss in the market,  this world biggest market is huge, and the biggest one in the world,  nearly 1 million of  booths, if you spend 3-5minutes in each booth, 8 hours per day, you need more than 1 year to finish! It is easy to get loss inside, and hard to source out what you need, and taking much your time,  however we are rich experience on this, and you will get high efficiency on your work and orders, this is Yiwu agent as we are!
  5. With us a Yiwu export agent, your items all are in good quality control,  packing as you want, quantity no shortage, designs as you want, no free space, no damage on shipment…However without agent, there are a lot of unforseemable story happened!   And wasting a lot of your money and you get in a big loss for sure,. When the goods to your side, it is almost rubbish totally!  
  6. With Yiwu buying agent,  you could receive all of different goods in one container with only one sets of shipping docs only one BL, that save a lot of your cost, and small quantity is workable, for examples: 1-2cartons for each item also workable, toys, electronics, tools,cosmetics, ornament…all could be in the same container to you.

It is very necessary and important for you to with Yiwu agent,Yiwu marketing agent.


Over 14 years, we encountered the following questions that I’d like to share with you.

  1. Most of the clients need to travel thousands of miles for coming to China, When they receive products from here, some of them are quite disappointed with the quality issue, but others are very happy with the product’s quality, even better than their imagination.
  2. Why some clients can’t receive products in time after paying a deposit, so as to miss the hot season for sales, but others can receive their products always on time.
  3. Why some clients used to complain about poor communication and misunderstanding between suppliers and customers. But the others never.
  4. Why some of them bought the products at a high price, but the others can get the price very competitive.
  5. Why some clients complain that after they pay the deposit, but the supplier disappears. But the others have never encountered this problem.
  6. Why some of them keep changing agents, but the other is continually working with the same agent for more than 10 years.
  7. Strictly checking your products according to our contract and your instruction as well.
    100% guarantee the quality of your products. If have any quality issue after you receive the products, please send your comments to us within 1 months, we will handle with the providers and send you the products with your next order. Or we can refund to you directly if you ‘d like to.
  8. Keep tracking your order, and make sure all your orders can be delivered in time.
    All of our employees can speak fluent English and are with minimum 5 years experience in foreign trading business, 4 of them are a team, one of them is the main person, the other 3 will be back-up, they will follow up your order together and make sure they can well reply your message within a day.
  9. If you are familiar with the market enough, we will standby in our office and wait for your notice, whenever you want to confirm the order, we will proceed to market and log down all the product’s information there.
  10. We are here to confirm that all your suppliers will be really existed, if you want, we can go to the factory for a visual check, and send you the video as well.

So as to maintain the everlasting relationship with our clients, we are here to claim with all our clients and all our potential clients that we will do and keep doing the following items:

Our tenet for all of our clients is “ save client cost, make client safe,  let client rich”

Simple saying , you earn more money,save more charges, and everything less worry,no risk,  we share a bright future together.

Here are some of cases we encountered before:

  1. One of our clients who is from USA, she bought accessory powder from us, because of our negligence on the opp bag package, there are some packet damaged caused our client loose 15,000RMB, after investigation, we refund this amount of money her immediately.
  2. The other client is from Germany, actually, he worked with the other agency at the beginning, but when he encountered some trouble from customs, his agent can’t solve it in time. Finally, he found our boss Ms.Ada Lee from our website, with the assistance of our shipping agent, the trouble was solved immediately, and now we are a very close business partner.
  3. Another client is from Mexico, he imported products from China and worked with the other agency as well since 2009. Everything goes smoothly at first but started from 2014, his previous agent sends him an HQ container with 50 CBM only, it wastes more than 25% of space, as we all know that the shipping cost is very high from China to Mexico, that’s why he decides to work with us. Our professional employee suggest him to order a little bit more than 68 CBM, in case of some products can’t be loaded in that container, we would offer free warehouse storage for him, and send them to him with his next container.
  4. One more client who is from the Russia, she encountered the problem with the customs clearing during collecting cargo, as per our loading list, it is showing 80 CTN in total, but the customs told her that she had 82CTN there. We suggest that she may check the state of the carton box and if have shipping mark on all cartons. Because all of our cartons should be in good working order with shipping mark pasted.
    Half an hour later, she informed us that she had separated the carton with poor quality and without shipping mark.


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