Yiwu international trade city



Yiwu International Trade City District 1


The District One was officially put into use on Oct 22nd , 2002. It covers an area of 420 mu (1mu = 667 square meters), with a floor area of 340,000 square meters at the total investment of 700 million yuan. There are more than 800 booths in district one and over 10,000 business entities.  

On the first floor, the major products on sale are the artificial flowers, flower-related accessories, staffed toys, inflated toys, electronic auto toys and regular toys; on the second floor, the major products are headwear and jewelry; on the third, the festive craft, decorative craft, porcelain crystal, photo frame and accessories are on sale; the fourth floor is the direct sale center of manufacturing enterprises, with many special districts being set up, such as the pavilion of Taiwan commodities, Dehua District of the Southern porcelain capital, original gifts from Shenzhen, gathering the domestic top handuy78;//icrafts manufacturing enterprises of porcelain, crystal and glass. Other matching services including the bank, post office, industry and commerce, taxation, logical distribution, storage, web promotion,It has attracted numerous international and domestic famous brands to enter the market and is an internationally recognized small commodity distribution center.

The number of its daily visitor has surpassed 8,000, with more than 3,000 foreign merchants. Over 70% of its products are for export and over 95% booths undertake international trade. 

Yiwu International Trade City District 2 


The second district of International Trade City (F, G) was opened on October 22, 2004. The market covers an area of ​​483 mu, with a construction area of ​​more than 600,000 square meters. It has more than 8,000 business locations and more than 10,000 business households. The first floor operates luggage, umbrellas, ponchos and bags; the second floor operates hardware tools, accessories, electrical products, locks, and vehicles; the third floor operates hardware and kitchen appliances, small household appliances, telecommunications equipment, electronic instruments, clocks, etc.; Set up a production trading center, local specialty halls and other boutique trading areas; the fifth floor of the foreign trade procurement service center; the central and central third hall of the market set up a centralized procurement center, China Commodity Development History Exhibition Hall; Dongfu housing supporting business, taxation , police stations, banks, catering, logistics, postal services, telecommunications and other functions and service institutions; market supporting business buildings, office buildings, four-star hotels and two squares in the east and west, the opening of free ring buses, the market was awarded by the National Tourism Administration National AAAA shopping and tourism attractions.

Yiwu International Trade City District 3


Yiwu International Trade Market District 3 was put into use inSeptember, 2005. The construction area covers about 460,000 square meters. The1-3 floors of the main market boasts over 6,000 booths, and the size of each booth is 14 square meters .4 -5 floors have over 650 exhibition halls and thesize of each exhibition hall is over 50 square meters. There are more than8,000 business entities.

The first floor operates ink supplies, paper products andglasses;the second floor operatesoffice and school supplies, sporting andrecreating articles, sports equipment; the third floor operates cosmetics,zippers, buttons, garment accessories; the fourth flooris manufacturer outletscenter; The first floor and the basement floor of No.3 connectoroperateNew YearPainting & Wall Calendar & Couplet Industry and on the second floorisZhejiang-made Brand Building Function Center.

The market has advanced facilities and beautiful environment.lt isequipped with multi-functional systems, including e-commerce system,intelligent security system, logistics short distance distribution system,financial service system, etc. It’s also equipped with central airconditioning, large electronicdisplay, broadband network, network television,data center, loop elevated roadway, large parking lot as well as varioussupport service facilities, accommodation sach as, catering, entertainment.YiwuInternational Trade Market District 3 warmly welcome Chinese and foreignbusinessmen, manufacturers, foreign trade service organizations to join us, andboost the development together.

 Yiwu International Trade City District 4 


Yiwu, a bright commerce and trade pearl in central Zhejiang Province, has experienced a high-speed economic growth in the past 30 years, becoming a world-famous “Yiwu model”, and a “world’s small commodity capital” is emerging.

There are 219 countries in the world that have trade relations with Yiwu market. Nearly 500,000 overseas merchants are purchased in Yiwu every year. More than 15,000 overseas merchants from more than 100 countries and regions are stationed in Yiwu. More than 100 countries and regions have been introduced. More than 80,000 kinds of overseas goods have been built into the African Product Exhibition Center and the ASEAN Product Exhibition Center. Taking advantage of the “One Belt, One Road” Dongfeng, Yiwu market is forming a new trade pattern of “buying the world and selling the world”. In the future, Yiwu will be committed to building a five-star flagship market and building a trillion-dollar Yiwu market.

The fourth district market of Yiwu China Commodity City is the sixth generation market of Yiwu China Commodity City, with a construction area of ​​1.08 million square meters. It has more than 16,000 business locations and more than 20,000 business entities. The first floor of the market operates hosiery and leggings. The second floor operates daily necessities, gloves, hats, and other needle cotton; the third floor operates shoes, belts, laces, ties, wool, and towels; the fourth floor operates bras, belts, bags, and scarves; Set up production enterprise direct sales center and tourist shopping center.

There are many bright business highlights in the market. Modern logistics, e-commerce, international trade, finance, catering and other institutions are available. More and more cheap goods attract domestic and foreign merchants. At the same time, around the creation of the “world’s small commodity capital” magnificent The goal is to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the four district markets, and actively create an international five-star series through a series of actions such as online and offline integration development, guiding creative innovation and branding capabilities, improving market product grades, encouraging individualized decoration of business locations, and optimizing industrial ratios. Level flagship market.

Standing at the starting point of a new round of historical opportunities, the four districts of the International Trade City are opening the door to the world, and we warmly welcome you!

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