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Shaoxing Keqiao frabric Market, also called Keqiao fabric market, it is famous for all kinds of textile frabrics, silk frabrics is one of the greatest invention in human history in the world and origin from China.  Keqiao with name of china textile city and china fabric market, China Textile City, the total area of area of 77.8 Wan Ping Fangmi , with a total construction area of 3.26 million square meters, 1.6 million home businesses, business premises 19000. There are more than 50,000 operators in the market, more than 30,000 kinds of fabrics, 100,000 daily passengers, 180 million yuan in daily turnover, 76 financial outlets in the market, and more than 2 billion yuan in daily deposits. Market transactions continued to prosper. The annual turnover jumped from 0.76 billion yuan in 1988 to 63.453 billion yuan in 2008 (including foreign trade turnover of 1.282 billion US dollars). It ranked first in the national textile professional wholesale market for 17 consecutive years. It is the largest textile and textile market in Asia with the largest scale, complete facilities and the largest variety of textile distribution centers. 

China Textile City [1]  is located in Keqiao Street, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. The market is a collection of textile and apparel fabrics, household textiles and industrial textiles. It is currently the world’s largest textile distribution center with the largest variety of products. China Textile City was founded in the 1980s and is the first national title.

China’s professional market, Keqiao fabric market at present, China Textile City has basically formed the “traditional trading zone in the south, the market innovation zone in the north, the central international trade zone, the western raw material leading zone and the eastern logistics supporting zone.” The city has a market construction area of ​​more than 3.2 million square meters, more than 20,000 business districts in traditional districts, more than 20,000 registered business households (companies), nearly 5,000 foreign buyers (residents outside the country), and representative offices outside the country (outside) Thousands of fabrics are sold in the world every year, and nearly half of the country’s textile enterprises have established production and sales relations. The market takes the lead in implementing intellectual property protection, developing modern financial services, and guiding the cultivation of technological innovation, brand creation, fashion creation and The new corporate management model of industrial chain integration has achieved good results.

China Fabric Wholesale Market in Keqiao was first built in the 1980s and expanded several times in the years following. Keqiao Fabric Wholesale Market is one of the most vibrant, bustling textile manufacturing and trading hubs in the world. China Fabric Wholesale Market covers a construction area of more than 3.85 million square meters with more than 1,500 permanent overseas representative agencies, nearly 6,200 overseas permanent purchasers and more than 62,000 companies managing more than 41,000 kinds of products. With 500,000 customer visits to the markets every day, the sales network of China Keqiao market has covered 187 countries and regions, which has made China Fabric Wholesale Market the world’s largest textile distribution center for textile products, accounting for one-fourth of global transactions in textile materials and fabrics.
About China Fabric Wholesale Market

Following Main markets: 
1 → The North 5 Market.
2 → The North 6 Market.
3 → The North 7 Market.
4 → TianHui Market.
5 → Beilian Curtain market.
6 → East Market.
7 → Union Market.
8 → Old Market.
9 → Dongsheng Road market ( knitted fabric market).
10 → Grey Fabric Market.
Airport: Nearby Hangzhou International Airport ( around 30 kilometers ).
Bus Station : Light Industry and Textile Industry Plaza Bus Station.
Railway Station: Shaoxing North railway station.

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