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Yiwu Fotang White Cut Lamb, Shangxi Niuzao, Shenxian Chicken, Dongtang Dog Meat, Red Shore Soybean Food Bag, Donghe Meat Pie, Yiwu Hand-Draw, Buckwheat Mouse, Yiwu Xiqing Dim Sum and Yiwu Brown Sugar Series are also known as Yiwu Ten Great food. At the same time, La Ramen, Fotang Cake, Suxi Ma cake, Yulin Mung bean cake, Yu Sanli fried glutinous rice, and Choucheng Huihui cake are also famous snacks that Yiwu people are familiar with.

Local specialties


Dongtang meat


Buddhist temple white cut lamb


Fairy chicken


Hand holding

Yiwu restaurant recommended


NO. 1  Yiwu Street

By Meng Muxia Meng Meng 1986

Very famous shortbread, it tastes delicious, and people like it very much. Shortbread is the famous specialty of Jinhua.

Cattle Friends Favorite features: Jinhua shortbread Pu barley

NO. 2 chicken feathers for sugar and vegetables

The chicken feather sugar-changing vegetable restaurant is a relatively famous restaurant in Yiwu. The outer circle of the à la carte area is the signature dish that is made in the store. It is clear at a glance. The chicken hair change is the classic story of Yiwu, and it has the characteristic cultural meaning of Lao Yiwu. Decoration and tableware are very...


NO. 3 Chemical Road Food Street

Chemical Road is a snack street in Yiwu. You can see Yiwu specialties everywhere: Yiwu fried rice, steamed chicken wings, Donghe meat cake, Yiwu biscuits, local peanuts, etc. There are many restaurants, the quantity is delicious and affordable, it is worth a test.

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