Yiwu stationery market



Yiwu stationery market,  it is in Yiwu futian market, yiwu international trade city district 3, both first floor and second and part of 4th floor,  including, all kinds of pens, notebooks, paper products, PP products,office using items,sharpener, staple,ruler,white board,copy paper,pencil case,school bag,cards… and also part of office machines…Yiwu International Trade Market District 3 was put into use inSeptember, 2005. The construction area covers about 460,000 square meters. The1-3 floors of the main market boasts over 6,000 booths, and the size of eachbooth is 14 square meters .4 -5 floors have over 650 exhibition halls and thesize of each exhibition hall is over 50 square meters. There are more than8,000 business entities.

The first floor operates ink supplies, paper products andglasses;the second floor operatesoffice and school supplies, sporting andrecreating articles, sports equipment; the third floor operates cosmetics,zippers, buttons, garment accessories; the fourth flooris manufacturer outletscenter; The first floor and the basement floor of No.3 connectoroperateNew YearPainting & Wall Calendar & Couplet Industry and on the second floorisZhejiang-made Brand Building Function Center.

The market has advanced facilities and beautiful environment.lt isequipped with multi-functional systems, including e-commerce system,intelligent security system, logistics short distance distribution system,financial service system, etc. It’s also equipped with central airconditioning, large electronicdisplay, broadband network, network television,data center, loop elevated roadway, large parking lot as well as varioussupport service facilities, accommodation sach as, catering, entertainment.YiwuInternational Trade Market District 3 warmly welcome Chinese and foreignbusinessmen, manufacturers, foreign trade service organizations to join us, andboost the development together.


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