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Location horizon

It is on the east side of China.Yiwu City is located in the central part of Zhejiang Province, with an east longitude of 119°49′~120°17′ and a north latitude of 29°02′13′′~29°33′40′′. It is adjacent to Dongyang in the east, Yongkang and Wuyi in the south, Jinhua and Lanxi in the west, and Zhuji and Pujiang in the north. From the county to the town of Dongyang County, 18 kilometers to Yongyang County, 78 kilometers to Yongkang County, 71 kilometers to Wuyi County, 55 kilometers to Jinhua City, 35 kilometers to Pujiang County, 55 kilometers to Zhuji County, and 158 kilometers to Hangzhou, the provincial capital. The total area is 1105.46 square kilometers. 


The rivers in Yiwu City are the Qiantang River water system, mainly Dongyangjiang and Dachenjiang. Dongyangjiangyuan is located in Dapanshan, Chun’an County. After the residence of Hezhai in Sanli Township, Yulin, it flows through 13 townships and 2 towns. It enters Jinhuajing in the west of Shangcao Township and has a total length of 39.75 kilometers. The river bed is generally 135~185 meters wide, with a flood of 10 years, the average water depth is 5.01 meters, and the deepest river section is 5.9 meters. There are 21 primary tributaries, of which more than 10 are larger. The drainage area is about 812.7 square kilometers. The Dachen River flows through the three townships of Qiaoxi, Suxi and Dachen into the Pujiang River. The county has a flow length of about 17.5 kilometers, a width of about 60 meters, and a drainage area of ​​about 200 square kilometers. In addition, there are still tributaries of the Puyang River tributary. [8]

Chinese name


Foreign name

Yiwu City, Nyi’u City


Wu injury , Wu Xiao

Administrative area category

County-level city

district belong to

East China

Under the jurisdiction

8 streets and 6 towns such as Choucheng Street

Government resident

No. 21, Xianqian Street, Yiwu City

Phone area code

International: (+86) 579; domestic: 0579

Postal code


Geographic location

Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province


1105.46 square kilometers


1,280,400 (residential population in 2016)


Wu Yu - Jin Shuo - Yiwu

Climatic conditions

Subtropical monsoon climate

famous scenery

Yiwu International Trade City , Deshengyan , Former Residence of Feng Xuefeng , Shuanglin Temple, etc.


Yiwu Airport

train station

Yiwu Station , Yiwu West Station

License plate code

Zhejiang G


RMB 115.804 billion (2017)

Administrative division code


Per capita GDP

90,444 yuan (2017)


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